April Movie Looks at Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld

On Tuesday, April 21 at 4:30 pm, Movies That Matter presents The Unknown Known. This film by Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris (The Fog of War) offers a mesmerizing portrait of Donald Rumsfeld, one of the key architects of the Iraq War, and a larger-than-life character who provoked equal levels of fury and adulation from the American public. Rather than conducting a conventional interview, Morris has Rumsfeld perform and expound on his “snowflakes,” tens of thousands of memos (many never previously published) he composed as a congressman and as an advisor to four different presidents, twice as Secretary of Defense. These memos provide a window onto history—not history as it actually happened, but history as Rumsfeld wants us to see it. Morris makes plain that Rumsfeld’s “snowflakes”—whether intended to elucidate, rationalize, obfuscate, or control history—are contradicted by the facts. The Unknown Known is an illumination of the mystery of Donald Rumsfeld, an unknown known. (2013, 103 minutes)

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The Fine Art of Rocks, Trees and Flowing Water

Laszlo Szakala

Laszlo Szakala

The next exhibit in the UU Gallery features landscape photography by Laszlo A. Szakala from March 1 through April 28.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Laszlo came to the United States in 1991.  After learning English, he pursued his lifelong dream by earning a degree in Fine Art Photography, with an emphasis on black and white printing, in 1997. He resides in Baileys Harbor with his wife and three children.

Laszlo specializes in black and white and color landscape photography, with a focus on rock formations, trees and flowing water. He has found his subjects throughout the United States, in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin. He uses a 4 x 5 large-format film camera and prints by hand. He does not use digital equipment or techniques. Influences on his work include Ansel Adams, John Sexton and Howard Bond, under whom he studied.

Photo by Laszlo Szakala
His work is a part of the permanent collection at the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay and is held in many private collections. Although Fine Art Photography is not a career for him, it remains his passion and a joy that draws him back time and time again.

The UU Gallery is located at 10341 Hwy. 42 in north Ephraim. Gallery hours are 1-3 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 11am-12:30 pm Sunday, and by appointment at 854-7559.

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