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The Fine Art of Rocks, Trees and Flowing Water

Laszlo Szakala

Laszlo Szakala

The next exhibit in the UU Gallery features landscape photography by Laszlo A. Szakala from March 1 through April 28.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Laszlo came to the United States in 1991.  After learning English, he pursued his lifelong dream by earning a degree in Fine Art Photography, with an emphasis on black and white printing, in 1997. He resides in Baileys Harbor with his wife and three children.

Laszlo specializes in black and white and color landscape photography, with a focus on rock formations, trees and flowing water. He has found his subjects throughout the United States, in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin. He uses a 4 x 5 large-format film camera and prints by hand. He does not use digital equipment or techniques. Influences on his work include Ansel Adams, John Sexton and Howard Bond, under whom he studied.

Photo by Laszlo Szakala
His work is a part of the permanent collection at the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay and is held in many private collections. Although Fine Art Photography is not a career for him, it remains his passion and a joy that draws him back time and time again.

The UU Gallery is located at 10341 Hwy. 42 in north Ephraim. Gallery hours are 1-3 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 11am-12:30 pm Sunday, and by appointment at 854-7559.

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In the UU Gallery: Washington Island Artists

Washington Island’s pristine land and water vistas offer endless subjects to inspire artists. The Washington Island Art Association (WIAA) will exhibit works during January and February at the UUFDC. The exhibit opens Jan 4th and closes on the last Sunday in February.

Jeanne Cauldwell

Jeanne Cauldwell

The WIAA was formed in the early 1960’s by a group of artists who gathered on Washington Island at Martha Stelter’s Holiday Inn to paint and make art. The WIAA has continued to grow in popularity and today sponsors numerous classes, open workshops, and art shows. It is a non-profit group dedicated to the idea of bringing exceptional workshops to its members. Membership is open to beginners, amateurs and professional artists.

Participating artists are members of the WIAA and include Bob Anderson, Bruce Boeck, Julia Bresnahan, Jeanne Cauldwell, Karen DeNoto, Gary Hanks, Irene Hoeff Kuiper, Steve Lynch, Cathy Meader, Gretchen Misselt, Jane Miller, Betty Proper, Kathy Sorensen, Martha Wagner, Joel Wish, Pat Wright, Judy Yamamoto, and Margaret Young.

The WIAA is working with the Washington Island Art and Nature Center (ANC) on a fundraising campaign for the ANC called the “50th Anniversary Canvas Quilt Project”.  WIAA is inviting all artists with a love for Washington Island and the ANC to create one or more 8 x 10 canvases and donate them for our “Canvas Quilt”.  Canvases can be done in many media, including but not limited to: painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, weaving, fiber, basketry, stitchery, quilting, ceramic, etc. These will be displayed together to form one large quilt for the opening of the ANC in June and be up for most of the summer. Patrons will purchase a winning ticket and will win one of the randomly numbered canvasses at a gala 50th Anniversary celebration later in the summer.

For more information about the WIAA please go on our website or contact Cathy Meader at

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As One with Nature

Jan Forkert’s paintings, enamel wall pieces and jewelry (including her three-dimensional silver sculpture on a two dimensional background of watercolor painting or etching), and her forged silver and enameled copper jewelry will be in our gallery from December 7-29, with an opening reception on the Sunday, the 7th from 12 – 2pm.

Recipient of the Master Artist Award from the Door County Art League in 2012, Jan holds a BS in Art Education and a BA in Fine Arts from UW Madison. She taught art in the public schools for 14 years and later served as Director of the Peninsula School of Art. Her need to explore the possibilities of other forms led her to move from two dimensional watercolor and printmaking to silver and copper jewelry in three dimensions and then on to her distinctive blend of painting and metalsmithing. Her mixed media paintings, enameled landscapes, floral sculpture, jewelry and centerpieces have been shown at the Fine Line Design Gallery in Ephraim, at Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, in anniversary shows at The Ridges and The Clearing and in national shows.

Jan’s inspiration comes from both nature and art; they are inseparable in that she sees the world as art. An astute observer of patterns in rock, plant life and water throughout the seasons, she brings a lifelong familiarity with silver and watercolor from her parents’ studios that allowed her an unusual degree of freedom to experiment with forms drawn from nature. She particularly loves the challenge of compressing, twisting, stretching and pounding metal because art, like nature, is for her always in a state of metamorphosis. The thrill of discovery is palpable in her one-of-a-kind work.

The Gallery is open Sunday 11:00 am -12:30 pm and Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1-3 pm.

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UU Gallery Features Paintings by Liz Maltman

By Estella Lauter

Liz spent most of her summers in Fish Creek while growing up in Chicago.  After majoring in art history and psychology in college, Liz moved to Door County where she bought an old farmhouse. Later, she and her partner Rick remodeled the original chicken coop on the property to show their art.  Marisch Gallery is open by appointment.

One of Liz’s first jobs was managing the Hardy Gallery.  She owned and managed a women’s art-to-wear clothing store, The Magic Jacket, for many years, sewing clothes and hand-painting them.  This business evolved into decorative painting of furniture and other objects or spaces.  In 2004, she discovered landscape painting “en plein air” and now she paints outside whenever possible, working in pastel, acrylic and oil.  In 2014 she was invited to participate in her sixth Plein Air Festival of artists from across the country sponsored by the Peninsula Art School.  She was also invited to participate in the fifth annual Door Prize for Portraiture at Chez Cheryl in Baileys Harbor and in the Hardy Gallery’s Collector’s Showcase exhibit. She continues to show in local and regional exhibits where she has won awards for both her landscapes and portraits.  Liz also enjoys teaching, especially beginners, at the Peninsula Art School, the Art Garage in Green Bay, and privately.

Her bright and innovative use of color, technique, and pattern express both her enthusiasm for the outdoors and her background in fabric and design.  Because she works en plein air most of the time, her work is directly influenced by the weather, temperature, wind velocity, time of day, etc. She almost never uses photos; the “accuracy” she seeks has more to do with the feeling and sense of a place, the light and atmosphere, than with the actual details of a scene.

Liz Maltman’s show will hang in the UU Gallery for the month of November; gallery hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 1 – 3 pm and Sunday from 11 – 12:30 pm.

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October in the UU Gallery: Recent Works by Sally Everhardus and Cheryl Stidwell Parker

The community is invited to view recent works featuring artists Cheryl Stidwell Parker and Sally Everhardus at the UU Gallery in north Ephraim during the month of October. A reception will be held Sunday, October 12th from noon to 2 pm. The reception will feature the guitar music of Stephen Lavell as well as the opportunity to talk to the artists about their work.

The two artists are friends and artistic colleagues who meet regularly to share and comment on each other’s works in progress. To keep their drawing skills intact, they formed an occasional co-op during which participants both model and draw in their medium of choice. They have painted plein air together and independently and share deep rooted artistic curiosities.

Everhardus originally came to the County as Director of the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek. An avid artist since pre-kindergarten, she originally wanted to illustrate children’s books or be an architect. She received her BFA from the University of Michigan in Design, minoring in Art and Architectural History.

Many of the eclectic mix of pieces in this exhibit reflect her background in graphics, love of pattern and working in series to explore ideas to their fullest. Although serious about her work, many pieces include flashes of humor and comments on the absurd.

Stidwell Parker studied art education at the University of Northern Iowa and received an MA in in Art and Design with an emphasis on museum education research from Iowa State University. She moved to Door County as Executive Director of the former Fairfield Museum and eventually settled in Bailey’s Harbor with her husband, Stephen Lavell. Together they established Chez Cheryl Art Space, home to the annual Door Prize for Portraiture.

Stidwell Parker’s series of paintings document the pursuit of improvisation that merges collage, mark-making, expression, and metaphor in a painterly format. Finding inspiration in simple daily scenarios, she seeks stimulation from a variety of other artists including Paul Klee, Alice Neel, David Hockney, April Gornik, Larry Rivers, Pierre Bonnard and Robert Rauschenberg.

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In the UU Gallery: Watercolors by Carolyn Kenney-Carter

The UUFDC Gallery will exhibit watercolors by Carolyn Kenney-Carter from September 3-28, 2014. A graduate of UW Madison, Kenney-Carter has worked as an artist for Milwaukee museums,  started a business called WonderCat  Graphics, and illustrated several books, including Richard Carter’s poems, Inside and Out. She and Richard also collaborated on Through the Cabin Door,whichwon the Outdoor Writing Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers in 2012. She divides her time among Wauwatosa, Sister Bay and Tucson, AZ and is a member of the League of Milwaukee Artists, the Door County Art League and the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild in addition to the Transparent Watercolor Society of America.

Trained as a graphic designer, Kenney-Carter turned to fine art in a session at The Clearing in 1992. Her subjects are creatures, things and places that she has encountered as part of her lifelong relationship with the natural world.  The watercolors differ from illustrations in that they often focus on part of a subject to draw attention to its essential nature or capabilities, which are highlighted in the title with a gently humor. Thus, a fox looks over a scene we cannot see in Fox Ledge, or a resting rabbit has arrived By Leaps and BoundsBarnstorming portrays the top of a barn owl’s head against  a dark blue sky with gathering clouds. Although the subject in the foreground is painted in detail, these works are by no means wholly realistic, even when natural materials are embedded to give that illusion.  Using color, texture and light in her own ways, Kenney-Carter suggests a lively inner life in her paintings.

The Gallery is located at 10341 Hwy. 42 in North Ephraim, open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-3 pm and on Sunday, 11 am-12:30 pm, or call 920-854-7559 for an appointment.

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Paintings and Drawings in UU Gallery for August

An exhibit by Glenn and Marty Gerber of Sturgeon Bay will be shown in August at the UU Gallery of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County in north Ephraim.  The Gerber’s are retired from a thirty-two year career of teaching art in Racine schools. Glenn paints mainly in acrylic and Marty’s works are in graphite and pastel.

Glenn’s professional career began with a BFA degree from Layton School of Art and a MS degree from UW Madison.  He has exhibited his work in shows on a local, state and national level receiving numerous awards in competition at all levels as well as having pieces in private collection.  At the present time his work is on display in a retrospective at the Racine Art Museum. His works are shown regularly at the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay and the Hardy Gallery in Ephraim.  He also is represented at the Paint Box Gallery in north Ephraim.

Marty’s art education was completed with a Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She has participated in local, regional, state and national shows for forty years. This summer her graphite drawings were included in “Drawings – A Group Invitational” exhibit at the Miller Art Museum.

The Gerbers moved to Door County in 2000.  Glenn states, “I moved to Door County to revel in the making of art.  The forces of nature have always been a fascination. I enjoy different styles of painting and the opportunity to depict various forms and compositions that nature presents to us, the viewer.   I am inspired.”

Marty states that “curiosity pulls me forward to create and look at the world. Door County offers me a wide variety of opportunities for curiosity. I particularly like to study flowers.”

The UU Gallery is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1 – 3 pm and Sunday from 11:00 until 12:30.

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UU Gallery Exhibits Photography by Sharon Auberle

The UU Gallery features photography by Sharon Auberle for the month of July. With a deep appreciation of the environment and years of living in the Southwest as well as Door County, Auberle’s affinity for photography and writing seem only natural.

Auberle enjoys enhancing her photographic images through various digital, as well as physical applications–hand tinting, watercolor, colored pencil and beeswax. When not out taking photos or writing, she may be found hanging pictures and poems at her website Mimi’s Golightly Cafe (

Auberle is proud to be called a tree hugger: “I strongly believe in the power of art to bring peace and healing to our planet. If with my words, or images, I can help someone to know a river or a mountain, a bird or a tree that they might not otherwise notice, it’s a start. I believe what we know we will begin to love, and what we love we will want to save.”

Her work has been featured in exhibits in Door County and Madison, Wisconsin, and Flagstaff, Arizona, as well as in on-line magazines. Auberle’s most recent exhibit was a collection of tree photos, along with her haiku, in the lobby of Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay.  She is honored to have a piece on exhibit now in the juried Hardy show, as well as a photo in Cheryl Parker Stidwell’s Portrait Invitational. Auberle’s photo-art may be found in two of her books which feature poetry and photos combined:  Crow Ink and EVErywoman; as well as her most recent book — Wind Where Music Was with poet Ralph Murre.  She has also partnered with poet Jeanie Tomasko in a book titled Sharp As Want, as well as a collection, with Tomasko, of art postcards.

The UU Gallery is located at 10341 Hwy. 42 in north Ephraim. Gallery hours are 1-3 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 11am-12:30 pm Sunday; and by appointment at 854-7559.

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Photo Exhibit Portrays Wisconsin Same-Sex Couples

Vance & Brendan by Jeff Pearcy

Vance & Brendan by Jeff Pearcy

In recent years, the battle surrounding legal recognition of same-sex marriages and civil unions has grabbed headlines. Voices from the political and religious arenas have had their say. Often lost in the debate have been the voices of same-sex couples themselves. Shall Not Be Recognized, an exhibit of portraits of 30 Milwaukee-area same-sex couples in long-term relationships on display in the UU Gallery for the month of June, gives voice to these same-sex couples. You are invited to look at their photos, read their stories, and decide for yourself.

The state of Wisconsin has a constitutional amendment, approved in 2006, that bans both marriage equality and civil unions in the state. Shall Not Be Recognized is the creation of photographer Jeff Pearcy and author Will Fellows in response to this amendment. Pearcy will present a gallery talk on the exhibit on Friday, June 6 at 7 pm, followed by an opening reception.

“I became deeply angry when the amendment to Wisconsin’s Constitution was approved, banning legal recognition of same-sex unions,” Pearcy said. “My wife, Jerilyn, and I had given money to the effort to defeat the amendment, and she was also an active door-to-door canvasser on the issue. We considered getting a divorce as an act of civil disobedience, thinking that rights denied to some should not be enjoyed by any. Instead, I returned to my photojournalist roots. I have long known the power of pictures and words to precipitate change.”

“As a gay man, I know how it feels to be told that the committed relationship I’ve been in for many years is not worthy of legal recognition,” Fellows added. “When Jeff asked me to create this portrait exhibit with him, I immediately agreed. I was struck by the particular significance of this project being a gay-straight collaboration. Most important to me was the chance to work with a sensitive photographer to create an exhibit that portrays the lives of marginalized families. The couples in this exhibit have been in committed relationships for periods ranging from seven years to 50 years.”

From June 1 through June 29, 2014, Shall Not Be Recognized will be displayed in the UU Gallery at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County, 10341 Hwy. 42 in north Ephraim. On Friday, June 6 there will be a gallery talk by the exhibit’s photographer Jeff Pearcy at 7 pm, followed by an opening reception in the gallery with complimentary refreshments. Gallery hours are 1-3 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 11am-12:30 pm Sunday. For more information call 854-7559.

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Local Watercolorist Ed Fenendael Featured at UU Gallery

Foxglove & Ferns

Foxglove & Ferns

Award-winning artist, teacher, student, business owner, gardener—just a few of the categories in which Ed Fenendael excels.  This multi-faceted Door County resident will be featured at the Gallery of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County in the month of May.

Fenendael is a native of Wisconsin growing up on a dairy farm just outside of Pound, Wisconsin.  He studied in a one-room school house and later at Marquette University graduating from the School of Dentistry.  He always enjoyed the creative process and began to study art in Kansas City, Missouri upon his graduation.  There he was invited to teach watercolor and continues to this day at the Continuing Program at the Kansas City Art Institute in the winter.  With over 25 national shows in the past few years and numerous awards, he also teaches workshops in the US, Italy, Greece, France, and Mexico.

Fenendael’s subject is often a beautiful pastoral scene.  “I am very much inspired by the pastoral scenes of the world, the rich heritage that the scenes of everyday life afford us…simple things, close to the earth things.”  The soothing shades of these scenes not only capture worldwide and Door County landscapes, but Fenendael’s love of gardening as well.  The gardens of his co-owned Baileys Harbor bed and breakfast, The Inn at Windmill Farm, are featured in this month’s Country Style Gardening magazine.

The Old Fence

The Old Fence

Set on the lush, colorful Windmill Farm property is Fenendael’s studio and personal gallery, Morning Mist Studio.  Here he exhibits his work and conducts workshops and weekly classes from May to October.  See for more information.

His work may be seen at Eclectics in Kansas City MO, Watergate Gallery in Washington DC, Atelier Galerie Letoliacha in Monet’s Village of Giverny, France, numerous corporate and private collections throughout the world, and locally at Ephraim Clayworks, the Cupola House, Miller Art Museum’s permanent collection and Morning Mist Studio.

At the UUFDC Gallery, his displayed paintings and signed, numbered, limited edition reproductions will be available for purchase.  The UUFDC Gallery is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1-3 pm and on Sundays from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

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