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COVID-19 RESPONSE                                                                         Message Created March 20, 2020

-        Sunday Services Suspended Until Further Notice

-        Fellowship Building Closed to Everyone Except Necessary Staff and Authorized Personnel

-        All Face-to-Face Group Meetings and Activities Suspended

Dear UUFDC Members & Friends,

In order to protect our Fellowship and our community from the growing risk of Coronavirus transmission, the Governing Board has taken the steps outlined above effective immediately.

Even as we suspend all our face-to-face group activities, I want to assure you that we are actively maintaining the critical work of our Fellowship.

Care for Members & Friends: Our Caring Committee continues to help Members in need, and is actively reaching out to those who may be especially vulnerable at this time. If you need help or can offer it, please contact committee chair Trish Black (contact in UU Directory https://uufdc.org/directory/ ). The Caring Committee will also be our liaison to the Interfaith group that is helping Door County’s fire departments coordinate non-emergency care throughout the county.  The county fire departments have created a county-wide task force and have established an on-line portal for those who need help and those who can offer help.  Here are the links:

To request help:


To volunteer to help:

https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Z6A4Wy24wk-Eg47yerelHw2n9HAVBhxFuBN26CuCeXxUMFMyMDc2U0JWWFNORzJaTzc1VDY1TEVVUS4u .

“Sunday Services”: Our Sunday Services have always been a core element of our community, providing a space for us to grow together spiritually, intellectually and morally. While we can’t meet as a group, we will continue offering a virtual forum to connect with each other. Each week, we will share a combination of short videos, readings and music via e-mail, organized around our UU principles of compassion, understanding and justice. We will also give Members and Friends the opportunity to share joys and concerns, keeping us connected in spirit if not in body. At a time like this, it’s more important than ever to maintain ourselves as a loving, caring community.

Financial Management: We are also a practical community. As we look to make a difference with our actions, we know we need to be financially sound to meet the challenges ahead. The Finance Committee is beginning to evaluate potential impacts, and will report back to the Board and the Fellowship in the weeks to come.

Board Meetings:  The Governing Board has begun holding weekly Zoom meetings on Wednesday evenings to stay on top of this quickly evolving situation. If you have an issue that requires our attention, reach out to me, to our Administrator Sara McKillop, or to any Board member with your ideas and concerns. May update: Board Zoom meetings are now being held every other Wednesday.

Staying Connected: During this period of isolation, we have to use all of the tools at our disposal to stay engaged with one another. Most of our Members are comfortable with e-mail, so that will be our primary form of communication. However, we’ll also make regular use of our Facebook page and website, we just created a UUFDC YouTube channel to share videos and music, our Board and committees are holding virtual “face-to-face” meetings via Zoom, and of course we can always pick up the phone to talk. Let’s use these tools not only to exchange practical information, but to check up on each other, enjoy a laugh or a song, talk about art and poetry, and share our joys and concerns.

Thank you for all the ways you support our Fellowship. It’s good to know we are navigating these challenging days together.

Fellowship Board & Administration:

Governing Board- Listing found here

Fellowship Administrator, Sara McKillop, contact@uufdc.org, 920-854-7559

SOCIALIZING IN THE TIME OF COVID-19                                                      Message Created June 15, 2020

from the UUFDC Executive Committee

We have been so good at “sheltering at home” during this pandemic and now the weather is getting warmer …. some of us are itching to see each other face to face.  Zoom has helped a lot of us stay connected; and it is just not the same.  We know that gatherings inside each other’s houses are not safe because some of us could be COVID-19 carriers and not know it.

So why not get together outside?  Well, that is a possibility IF we still follow the CDC and Badger Bounce Back guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing (of at least 6 feet), good hand hygiene, and no more than 10 people.  At this time, it is not recommended that we share food or drink sources … so bring your own drinks, food, and hand sanitizer if you choose to get together.

The UUFDC Board is beginning to work on guidelines for social gatherings and safety regarding Fellowship sanctioned outdoor events.  But this will take a while. We are using documents such as the UUA Guidelines (https://www.uua.org/safe/pandemics/gathering-guidance), CDC guidelines (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/index.html), our insurance company Church Mutual recommendations (https://coronavirus.churchmutual.com/resource/safely-returning-to-worship/), and the WI Council of Church’s Guidelines (https://www.wichurches.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Returning-to-Church.pdf) in determining our plans.  And, of course, we are referring to the Badger Bounce Back Plan (https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/publications/p02653a.pdf) and Door County Health Department recommendations as well.  As you can tell by this list of resources, the issues are complex and comprehensive. We need to be extremely careful, especially because most of our members and friends are in the vulnerable age group of 60+ years old.

SO… as tempting as it might be to throw caution to the wind, please do not do that!  COVID-19 is alive and well across our country and in Door County.  Technically, we have not even met the Gating Criteria for Phase I of the Badger Bounce Back Plan (https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/prepare.htm).  And this is a nasty and life-threatening virus.  So, we must remain vigilant to keep ourselves and others healthy.  Join us in UUFDC Zoom groups sponsored by the book club, Caring Committee, and Program Committee.  If you need help setting up Zoom, we can provide that.  Contact Sara McKillop (contact@UUFDC.org) for help with Zoom and information regarding those and other groups that may pop up.

In the meantime, please enjoy our beautiful county and each other safely.  Peace and health to all!!



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