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The Cove

By Lu Schilling

Richard Barry, the man who trained Flipper, walks calmly into the International Whaling Commission conference carrying a monitor on his stomach playing the footage of the dolphin slaughter in Taijii, Japan. It is a testament of the sheer power of one human determined to make amends. Barry carries a personal sense of guilt and responsibility for the current plight of dolphins due to the success of the “Flipper” TV series in the 60’s. Initially the film was banned in Japan and now is changing cultural norms.

If you care about the demise of our oceans join us for the next Movies That Matter screening of The Cove on August 17 at 7 PM. Watch this if you care about the quality of the food on your table. Watch this because you want to regain your hope that humans can get their collective act together before it’s too late.

Louie Psihoyos directs this riveting, Oscar-winning documentary.