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Sept. 26 – Dr. Bill McConkey


Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, The US Constitution, The US Supreme Court, and enter stage right, the Neo-Con Right who teach hatred for votes, to fill pews and make tons of money. The human infant hates no one. It is taught to hate, all through its life. The teaching of hatred must stop. If not now, when, if not you, who. A detailed look at the war on God’s gay and lesbian children.

Dr. Bill McConkey, Political Science Professor at UW-Oshkosh, is an educator and social activist and the author of “Fighting the Merchants of Hate: The War for America’s Soul.” He has worked for several government agencies, including the Executive Office of the President of the United States and is the owner/operator of a communication research and consulting firm.

Bill was the plaintiff in McConkey v. Van Hollan, trying to have Wisconsin’s Amendment discriminating against lesbian and gays and all single couples within our state declared unconstitutional. The case went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He lost. His fight continues.
His email signature states,

“Fear is real, and I believe, to my very core, that those who are not afraid have a moral obligation to fight for those who are.”

Music: Gerri Friedberg, piano and UU Choir
Service Leader: Alan Kopischke