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Oct. 31st – Brian Pertl

Brian Pertl

In this lecture demonstration, Brian Pertl will explore the beautiful and complex sound world of the Pygmies of the Ituri Rain Forest. For Pygmies, their music not only ties them to their land, but also helps to create the communal structure on which their society is built. Discover more about this music tradition that embodies both deep spirituality and spontaneous expressions of pure joy.

Dean of the Lawrence Conservatory of Music, Brian Pertl has done fieldwork in Australia studying the didjeridu, and fieldwork in Tibet, Nepal, and India studying Tibetan Buddhist sacred music. He has performed widely on trombone, didjeridu, dung chen and other worldly wind instruments. He earned his masters degree in ethnomusicology. After working at Microsoft as an ethnomusicologist for 16 years, he returned to Lawrence to assume his current role.

Music: Ellen Shahbazi, Piano
Service Leader: Chuck Lauter