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Alternative Gift-Giving

By Meg Vermillion

How can anyone not find excitement in giving an animal to a family that not only provides sustenance but is reproductive with the offspring being shared with neighbors and friends? That is the premise of the Heifer International, an organization that has paired gifts of livestock with recipients to help build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Our Social Responsibility Committee concluded that an effective direction for our Fellowship was to encourage all 100+ members and friends to give to Heifer!   Our suggestion is that you include your grandchildren in this effort.  There is nothing more fun than browsing the Heifer catalogue, filled with pictures and animal stories from all over the world.  Have your grandchild chose an animal, explaining that this will be a part of their holiday gift that they are sharing with the world so that everyone can have food on their table.

Several Committee members have been doing this for years and can attest that everyone benefits, your own family and the family receiving the animal.  One can contribute to a portion of an animal, helping you to decide how much you want to give to Heifer.  There are catalogues in the entry way and you can also go to the web site: to request a catalogue.

We all agree that there is a great deal of hope found in the generation of our grandchildren, as many of them are already world citizens or at least are aware! We ask you to support their awareness and act to help developing countries.