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February 20 – Estella Lauter

Estella Lauter


A scientific understanding of evolution and the forces that drive it have become the foundation that underlies all thought about life on our planet. However, some people claim that these ideas are an affront to religious belief about the exceptional nature of mankind. In our discussions with people who do not accept evolution, might we make more headway and have more fun if we talked about “the secret life of plants”? With the help of a BBC production and in consultation with Nick Lauter, a plant science researcher, Estella Lauter will consider the potential benefits of exploring evolution from the point of view of plants.

Estella Lauter is Professor Emerita of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She retired to Door County in 2004 and became a UUFDC member in 2005. Her strong suits have always been in the Humanities and Arts, but her immediate family members are scientists, and she has become increasingly curious about and receptive to science.

Music: Gerri Friedberg, piano
Service Leader: Chuck Lauter