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Conversation Partners

By Meg Vermillion

The most recent Social Responsibility Committee program is doing exactly what was hoped for. Our Fellowship has for several years been supporting a growing Hispanic community in Door County with financial allocations as well as holiday gifts to families through the Hispanic Resource Center. SRC was looking for a way to develop a relationship in a more meaningful, useful way beyond gift giving. A program to fulfill this aspiration came about as a result of a working presence by SRC at a Hispanic celebration last September. Between Karen Cruz, NWTC teacher Renee Honold-Smith and other SRC members, supporting English language development quickly emerged into a vital program. Under the skilled leadership of UU Friend, Jamie Hanreddy, who is training volunteers as tutors, UU’s and several community folks have been taking part in monthly orientation sessions to gain or rejuvenate their abilities in supporting English competency. To date, there are 12 Hispanic persons meeting with “gringo” partners. It is the hope of SRC, that through word of mouth throughout the Hispanic community and your support, that this program will continue to grow.