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Farmer Featured Poet

Michael Farmer

By Chuck Lauter

Michael Farmer, a poet from Baileys Harbor, describes himself in the brochure for the 2010-2011 Dickinson series as “short and sweet.” This is true in person, personality, and poetry. His writing is characterized by and noted for an American style of haiku, short, but very penetrating. Here is an example of the way in which he jars one to think differently:

Perennial crop
The garden fares far too well
White marble crosses…

While his haiku will be featured in the reading, many other poems will turn your head, especially in the last line. The twinkle in his eye when he reads is a delight. There is much mischief in his poetry, as well as sobering thought.

Farmer is also intrigued by and devoted to Native American music, especially the flute. He has led many workshops to teach people to construct and play the Native American flute. These rhythms also infuse his poetry.

His reading concludes the 2010-2011 Emily Dickinson Poetry Series on March 9, 7 pm, at the UU Fellowship. An open mic will follow Farmer’s reading.