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March 2 – Sarah’s Key

Book Club
By Karon Winzenz

For the March 2nd (1:30 pm) meeting of the UU Book Club the group will be discussing Sarah’s Key by Tatania de Rosnay. Jami Hanreddy will be the host and moderator. Please contact her if you plan to attend at (920) 854-6387 or at

For the April 6th meeting hosted and moderated by Toby Mason, the book will be the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. The first of a trilogy, the novel features the exploits of an unlikely heroine, Elizabeth Salander who is portrayed as having suffered every kind of abuse in her young life, including an unjustly ordered commitment to a psychiatric clinic and sexual assault suffered at the hands of her court-appointed guardian. Since she holds others responsible for their actions she takes revenge on those who abuse others. Critic Robert Dessaix lists the major themes examined by the author as: holding criminals responsible for their crimes, violence against women, the incompetence and cowardice of investigative journalists, the moral bankruptcy of big capital, and the virulent strain of Nazism still festering away in Swedish society. Contact Toby if you plan to attend:, phone 773-653-3941.