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Raw, Vegan and Live Potluck

Friday, April 22 6pm

By Lu Schilling

To honor the earth, we celebrate within a caring community, those truths, ancient and modern, that lessen our footprint, fortify our health and enhance kindness.
Shown by documentaries about our food system, we have learned that large-scale monoculture crops dependent on the chemical industry have ruined our soil and nutrients. Farm Bill subsidies pay for food that could be feeding people being wasted on fattening 10s of billions of animals. This produces only one calorie of human food per 10 calories expended. This is not sustainable. Include cost for disposing of “produced water” and “through product”. Perhaps the worst “externalized cost” is the large amount of drinking water used just for cleaning up. Last week even Dr. Oz promoted vegan eating to be the most healthful for us. Degenerative diseases, we treat today, are nutritionally accelerated by eating animal proteins in milk and animal muscle.
When the inhabitants of a planet are not healthy, the planet cannot be healthy.
Bring the usual: a vegan dish to share, wine we have place settings now, even wine glasses. Simple is good, from a can of refried beans, rice and broccoli to “Bon Bourguinon” All are invited, especially meat and dairyatarians who may want to know what they are missing. You may sleep better, have improved digestion, even better breathing is possible on the first night.
“How to Eat Like a Vegetarian Even If You Never Wanted to Be One” is in the UU library.
Vegan recipes are in our “Food for Fellowship jUUst good cooking” or