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Imuka Rises Up!

By Meg Vermillion

As many of you know, I volunteered in Tanzania last summer.  We installed water collection systems and dug the foundation of a medical clinic.  One evening, a local music group, Imuka, performed for us.  The singers returned several more times, rehearsing in our back yard.  I learned they were trying to make their way to the Midwest for their first U.S. tour.  The Director of our project was their tie in St. Paul.  I was so addressed by what I saw in Africa that I promised, if Imuka got to St. Paul, I would get them to Door County.  I have kept my promise!

Imuka Singers

Mark your calendar: Saturday, July 9, 7:30 pm at the Door County Auditorium.  Traditional, cultural, patriotic music and dance will be performed using rare singing techniques, drumming and hand instruments.  Imuka’s performance will be suited for all ages. Ticket prices are family friendly. All proceeds go back with Imuka to Tanzania to be invested in sustainable economic projects.

Imuka Singers

The singers will need to be home hosted.  Anyone who enjoys other cultures will find this an educational and social experience.  Please contact me if you are willing to host or assist at the auditorium the evening of the performance. Most important is to consider this an evening we don’t often have the opportunity to experience.  Come not only for yourself but bring friends or family members that are visiting.  Thank you in advance for your support of this event!


(Peace in Swahili)