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May 15 – Rev. Joan Shiels

Rev. Joan Shiels


If you think of the Biblical Moses, does he look like Charlton Heston? If you try to visualize the Ark of the Covenant, do you see the golden chest from Raiders of the Lost Ark? Many of us do because in modern times many people have acquired their theology at the movies. An examination of religion in popular film with an emphasis on three very influential theologians: Cecil B. DeMille, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

The Rev Joan Shiels is a frequent speaker and long-time friend of the Fellowship. She has an active wedding ministry in Door County and when she is not eating, sleeping, reading or working she is usually watching movies.

Music:  Gerri Friedberg and vocal quartet: Cyndy Stiehl, Peggy Lott, Bob Lindahl, Alan Kopischke
Service Leader:  Helene DiIulio