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Witness For Peace Appearance

Daira Quinones

Daira Quinones, a displaced Afro-Colombian activist from Bogota, Colombia, will tell her story of displacement, oppression, resistance, and survival.  The appearance July 1 at 7 pm is sponsored by the Social Responsibility Committee of the UU Fellowship, Ephraim.

Currently Daira resides in Bogota where she tirelessly defends the human rights of Afro-Colombians, Indigenous, and Campesino communities.  She is a gifted singer and uses music to transform desperation into hope for the many displaced persons that seek her support.  Daira’s strength, courage and compassion have made her both a threat to repressive powers and a beacon of hope for the victims of Colombia’s armed conflict. Come to learn about the struggles of Afro-Colombians and displaced communities in Colombia, to support Daira and her community, and to hear her inspiring story and music.

The public is invited to this informative presentation. The UU Fellowship is located at 10341 Hwy. 42, Ephraim.