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Dickinson Poetry Series: Words and Images Featured in September

Edward DiMaio

A multi-media show by Edward DiMaio will be featured at the monthly Dickinson Poetry Series Wednesday, September 14 at 7:00 pm.

It was during his high school years that DiMaio started keeping a journal and rekindled his relationship with film and video through the A/V department. By his mid twenties Edward’s journal entries had taken on a poetic character.

After moving to the Midwest from his native New York City, DiMaio started compiling his poems into a book and turned his lens to modern dance. Edward’s dance photography has been published in several international dance journals and his chapbook Sound Scent & Light, published in 2002. After his divorce in 2000 and an extended visit to Europe, DiMaio choose to relocate in Door County and has never looked back. Since in Door County, DiMaio has been published in the Pulse and online through the Door County Compass. DiMaio is currently working on a new book of poems Eating Hungry Food Post WWII Corporate America. He was a member of a UU church in Lafayette, Indiana.

DiMaio opened a YouTube account in 2007 and some of his videos related to drum building have had nearly 20,000 views. He merges his passion for both words and images into “Improv Video Poems”. Captivated by a sight or feeling, he turns on his video camera and starts saying whatever he is inspired to say while filming his inspiration. These are filmed in a single shot with no editing. You can learn more about DiMaio’s word and image mash ups at his YouTube site:

DiMaio recently began recording, editing and posting  the Dickinson Poetry Series for the UUFDC.  Visit to view the entries.