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Fellowship Members Seek Social Action and Camaraderie

Last year when the Social Responsibility Committee had “Personal Involvement in Social Action” as its theme, we began discussing the possibility of work camp experiences. At a Sunday afternoon forum, Meg Vermillion and Jean Crane spoke of personal experiences and outside speakers described their programs. A number of members of the Fellowship expressed interest.

The SRC is now ready to propose a year-long program which features social action activities and offers UUFDC members and friends the opportunity to interact in a different setting. The plan has three components: a nearby weekend work project in September, a longer service project in the spring, and participation in the UUA General Assembly in June.

On September 17 we would join the Sierra Club to work on a section of Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail. This work is consonant with the UU Seventh Principle. We would car-pool to the Iola area on Friday evening (16th), enjoy a potluck supper at our motel, and join the work party early on Saturday. The work would conclude in the late afternoon. Costs would include shared gas expenses, overnight in an inexpensive motel, and meals.

Details of the spring project are not yet available, but the UUA General Assembly (in Phoenix June 20-24, 2012) will focus on immigration and social justice issues. These actions, which include voter registration drives as well as direct human service, connect well with our work with the Hispanic community in Door County. Details of this trip, such as travel, accommodations, costs, etc., are still to be determined and will involve input from prospective participants.

If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact Juliana Neuman (839-2710/ or Chuck Lauter (839-2741/, ASAP if you are interested in the September 16-17 work project!