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Movies That Matters presents La Bestia (The Beast)

A compelling documentary illuminating the dangers and harsh conditions endured by people attempting to improve their lives by escaping to the United States will be screened at the UU on Tuesday, September 20 at 4:30 pm.

For close to two decades, thousands of Central American migrants have lost their dreams, limbs and even their lives trying to cross Mexico to the United States. The nightmare begins the moment they step onto Mexican soil, and continues as they must jump onto a cargo train known simply as “la bestia” or “the beast.” In order to film this documentary the filmmakers rode alongside these Central American migrants for two weeks, braving the journey with those fighting for a better life.

In filming the testimonies of some Central American migrants, filmmaker Pedro Ultreras exposes more than the dangers they face. If La Bestia shows the brutality of Mexico’s southern border, it also offers the compassion found in shelters for migrants and the bonds that develop among the men and women who share the same ride and misfortune.

The film will be followed by a discussion about the issues raised in the documentary.