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Once Now Ensemble

Once Now Ensemble

Emerson Event October 28, 2011 at 7PM. Tickets are $10.

Free improvisation. In other words, musical spontaneity – it could be comic, serious, questioning, assertive, whatever we’re feeling at the moment. That’s the Now.

But it also means listening closely to our fellow musicians and letting them influence and inspire us. That’s the Ensemble.

Our rehearsals are much like our performances, in fact they are performances – for ourselves. And our performances are like rehearsals – we find out what the music is going to be as it happens. We don’t choose to replicate a particular musical piece so that we can play it the same way every time. That’s the Once.

You’ll hear all the basic elements of good music in our work – exciting rhythms, evocative melodies, imaginative harmonies, unique timbres. But you’ll find us at the edge where the raw creative impulse comes alive! You can hear and feel the searching, the glimmering, and the jelling as it happens – a rare and satisfying musical experience!

Craig Berg: percussion
Linda Binder: electric violin
Frank Marquardt: alto and tenor saxophones, alto clarinet
Rick Ollman: guitar, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
Carl Raven: drums
Mark Truesdell: percussion, melodica, accordion