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September 25 – Rev. Kalen Fristad

Rev. Kalen Fristad


Fristad will speak on the long, rich history and significance of the teaching of universalism. In addition, he will relate that the teaching of eternal damnation is not merely a harmless untruth that we might appropriately ignore and allow to stand, but it has serious consequences. It leads to the possibility, perhaps even the inevitability, of wars, bigotry, oppression and abuse. On the other hand, the teaching of universalism leads to equality, respect, love and dignity for all.

Kalen Fristad is an ordained United Methodist Minister. After serving churches in Iowa for 27 years he embarked upon an independent ministry, traveling around the country with his wife, Darlene, accepting invitations to speak to churches and other groups, countering the teaching that many people will suffer for eternity in hell and instead, proclaiming the hopeful message of universalism. Kalen has written a book on universalism, entitled; DESTINED FOR SALVATION: God’s Promise to Save Everyone, and a Study Book with the same title. His books, CDs and DVDs will be available for purchase after the service.

Music:  Ellen Shahbazi
Service Leader:  Sheila Saperstein