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Faith Like A River Course

“The challenge of talking about Unitarian Universalism — it’s easier to be one than to tell someone about it.” Rev. Cynthia Johnson.

During the three sessions in October, UUFDC members, friends and the curious will have an opportunity to learn about the UU faith. Information will focus on an accurate short course about how, when, why, and where Unitarianism and Universalism emerged within the Christian tradition more than two hundred years ago in America; and explain how it is that UU congregations today can possibly contain such an amazing diversity about religious language and images. A goal of the sessions is to engage or re-engage the individual spiritual journey at a deeper level by exploring what we believe about ourselves, our relationship with the world and our understanding of ultimacy.

October 6, led by Cynthia Johnson and Juliana Neuman:

  1. Introductions; Individual spiritual journeys
  2. Growing up Unitarian/Unitarian Universalist
  3. Some very important moments and individuals in Unitarian Universalist history

October 20, led by Lynn Olson:

Lynn and a small repertory theatrical company

Lynn and a small theatrical company will demonstrate how we live out our Unitarian Universalism today, together here in our community.

October 27 (rescheduled from 10/13), led by Bob Lindahl:

History: a variety of congregations where Unitarians and Universalists gathered to worship and live out their religious ideals

Register for Faith Like A River by October 5 by contacting Pat at the UU Office (920) 854-7559. Classes are held at the UU on the above dates from 3-5 pm. You are encouraged to attend all three sessions but not required. And please invite non-UUs to join us.