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How Should We As A Congregation Handle political Issues?

By Chuck Lauter

Above is the title of a forum sponsored by the Governing Board and conducted by Adult Education and SRC, to be held at 3 pm on Wednesday, January 25. The coming year will be a period of intense political ferment in our locale, our state and our nation. After inquiries and discussion, the GB determined that it would be wise for the Fellowship to focus on how we should act and/or re-act in this climate.

Political issues almost always have moral and/or ethical dimensions. As such, religious/spiritual communities may wish to act on them. In the recent past UUFDC has by resolution condemned Arizona immigration laws and opposed a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The UUA General Assembly in Phoenix in June 2012 will have as its theme Immigration Justice. UUs have a long history of responding to  political/moral questions.

The Fifth Principle which UUs affirm and covenant is “The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.” This and the other principles are intended as the grounding for the forum. Political positions can be divisive and we as a Fellowship wish to avoid dissension. Yet, as noted in the Fifth Principle, we need to balance conscience with democratic process. The question is, “How do we do this?” The forum will explore how UUFDC can act and how members and friends can interact on political issues in the context of the Fellowship.

This is a critical event. Please put the date and time –January 25 at 3 pm–on your calendar and plan to attend.