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Circle Suppers

By Cindy Taubert

Circle suppers are year-round bimonthly potlucks for six or eight.  At the moment, the program is going strong with 56 Members and Friends of UUFDC participating.  The suppers provide a way to get to know others in the Fellowship you might otherwise not have an opportunity to sit down and talk with in a relaxed, social setting.  The conversation is always stimulating, and you never know what you might find you have in common with a fellow guest or what fascinating things you might learn about them.  Aside from that, we have excellent cooks among us!

Hosting is on a rotating basis and the guest lists are always varied in an attempt to bring together people who don’t see each other regularly.  Being part of the circle implies agreement to host at least once a year, but it’s the easiest hosting you will ever do; you will be a guest five times during a year. While the hosts provide the entrée and beverages, guests bring the appetizers, salad, dessert, etc. An option to home-hosting is holding your Circle Supper at UU.

We are inviting new members to a first supper to give them a “taste” of the Circle Suppers and decide if it is something they would like to be a part of.  If you’d like to join us or have questions, please call Cindy Taubert at 920.854.7108 or e-mail her at