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April 1 – Laura Smythe

Laura Smythe
Laura Smythe


Most of us spend very little time thinking about the way in which we communicate.  We speak to convey our thoughts and to get our needs met.  We act based on our understanding of our obligations and to demonstrate our feelings.  The manner in which we speak and act conveys a great deal more than most of us are aware.  Our manner of communication reflects who we are and what we value.  The way in which we communicate shapes the character and the content of our relationships.

Laura is an attorney, mediator, and educator and has mediated a wide variety of disputes for over 12 year. She has taught conflict resolution, ethics, critical thinking and problem-solving, political science, business law, and social responsibility. Laura currently serves as Executive Director of the Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay, Inc.  She also volunteers as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children and serves on the Board of Trustees for an orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Most importantly, she is the proud mother of two daughters, Emma and Kathryn.

Music:  Gerri Friedberg
Service Leader:  Alan Kopischke