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April 29 – Brian Pertl

Brian Pertl


Around the globe and in every culture sacred observance is closely tied to music.  Brian Pertl will lead us on an exploration of both familiar and non-familiar sacred music traditions. During this journey we will be asking the question of why music is such a vital part of human spirituality.

Dean of the Lawrence Conservatory of Music, Brian Pertl has done fieldwork in Australia studying the didjeridu, and fieldwork in Tibet, Nepal, and India studying Tibetan Buddhist sacred music. He earned his master’s degree in ethnomusicology. After working at Microsoft as an ethnomusicologist for 16 years, he returned to Lawrence to assume his current role.

Music: Gerri Friedberg, piano; Leila Ramagopal, Celtic harp and Brian Pertl, didjeridu
Service Leader: Cynthia Stiehl