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August 26 – Peter Conroy

Peter Conroy


Every country club, every golf course, nearly every driving range has a golf pro who gives lessons. These are usually practical: how to hold the club, how to rotate your body when swinging, how to make contact with the ball, etc. These are tips about how to improve your game. But are golf lessons only pragmatic? Is it possible that they could have a larger significance? Can, let us say, golf lessons be spiritual and give us insight into the higher spheres of play and life?

Peter Conroy is Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois-Chicago where he taught French language and literature for 34 years and served two terms as department chairman. He has written four books of literary criticism, translated another about French history, published over forty articles in professional journals, and presented many papers at scholarly conferences in the US and Europe. He is a Friend of UUFDC and resides with his wife, Beverly Ann, in Fish Creek during the summer. Since his retirement he has taken up golf as well as writing essays and short stories.

Music: Special Guests, the string quartet Fourtissimo; Ellen Shahbazi, piano
Service Leader:  Phil Hansotia