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Dickinson Poetry Series Features Rusty McKenzie

Rusty McKenzie

Rusty McKenzie’s poetry reading August 8, 7 pm, at the UU Fellowship is aptly titled “Never Far From Water”.

She lives and writes on the north shore of Lake Winnebago. She describes herself as, “A lucky woman who gets to watch seasons of sunsets and storms cross the lake, and who gets to read and write poems when the muse shows up.” A retired art therapist, McKenzie is blessed with family and friends, books, watercolors and occasional trips to a tiny out-island in the Bahamas. She has written two books of poems: Never Far From Water and Alive With Dandelions.

McKenzie is a listener, an observer, a reader of people, a lover of story.

She finds her voice in water, wind, birds, and sometimes under rocks and bridges where the trolls live. Her pen has been a lifesaver through dark nights of grief, and a memory keeper of days warm with love and laughter.

In her search for simplicity in the complex soup of this twenty-first century, writing is her long-handled spoon.

“The world enters through my eyes and ears,

probing deep until my heart begins to hum

and my hand gives free reign to the pen….

if I’m lucky, a poem is born.”