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September 16 – Myles Dannhausen, Jr.

Myles Dannhausen, Jr.


Door County is one of the most beautiful, beloved places in North America – so why is it losing all of its young people? How can the county reverse its aging trend? Myles Dannhausen Jr. will talk about the challenges the peninsula faces in attracting young residents, and also offer up ideas to replenish its young entrepreneurial base.

Myles Dannhausen Jr. is a freelance writer and contributing editor for the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living magazine. An Egg Harbor native, he owned multiple restaurants in Northern Door before becoming the news editor at the Pulse for eight years, a tenure that included an in-depth series about the county’s Brain Drain. He moved to Chicago in February, joining the ranks of those who love Door County but felt the need to leave.

Music: Craig Little
Service Leader: Carol Boyd