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December 16 – Karon Winzenz

Karon Winzenz


For several years alarmists have been predicting the end of the era on December 21, 2012. Scenarios range from the physical destruction of the planet to a universal spiritual transformation. Our county has been fertile ground for such prophesies, especially in periods of social unrest, perceived cultural decline, and general anxiety. The 2012 end-date is based on a misunderstanding of the ancient Maya Long Count calendar. While the Maya had (and still have) cyclical concepts of time, Western cultures think of time as linear. What do end-time obsessions tell us about us?  Are these end-time beliefs inconsequential? Do they enable our society to ignore social and environmental problems and the need for ethical action?

Retiring from over thirty years of teaching at UWGB, Karon Winzenz pursued her life-long interest in the ancient Maya, she returned to UWM to take a Master of Art History with a focus on Maya art. She currently teaches non-credit classes on the Maya, presents papers at conferences, and publishes essays related to the ritual and symbolic functions of Maya textiles.

Music: Gerri Friedberg
Service Leader: Estella Lauter