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Graphite Renderings Featured in UU Gallery

By Jane Delcarson

Gary Hanks portrays light. He renders the hazy light of early morning and the amber glow of evening, light dimmed by mist and light as it penetrates shadowy clefts and fades into vague distances.  He likes to conjure fanciful light, an imaginary primordial light shining from a distant past, obeying its own rules as it casts its spectral glow.

Hanks relates,

“For me light is magical, having the power to lift the spirit and move the emotions.  Light is mystical and illusive, its absence can be as intriguing as its presence.  It is the prospect of light, in all its forms, which captivates my imagination.”

His area of study has taken the path of career art, working his way through studio art, art education, and art history.  As a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin his area of interest was medieval art. Through a program of the University he toured Europe studying medieval art and he studied the history of landscape painting.  He has ventured into self-styled tours to remote and distant places to gather subject matter and gain inspiration. This exhibit of graphite renderings demonstrates his interpretation of things he has seen and he remembers with an added element of imagination. The renderings are all accomplished with graphite pencil and each is one of a kind, each is an original.  He describes his style of expression as “figurative”.

Gary Hanks
Gary Hanks

The renderings will be shown through January and February. They are matted but not framed.  All are for sale.  Other works, including watercolor paintings can be seen on his website