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Dickinson Poetry Series Features Gibraltar Student Writers

Five young poets are the Dickinson featured readers on Wednesday, February 13 at 7 pm. A program devoted to young poets is an annual tradition begun after the great acclaim for a youthful poet during the inaugural year of the Dickinson Poetry Series . The five poets from Gibraltar High School have been prepared and coached by Lauren Bremer, the teacher of senior English. Three of these poets have been featured in the series previously and are emerging into the rich poetry community of Door County. The five students are:

Maxwell Berndt

Maxwell Berndt is seventeen years old and has lived in Door County for his entire life. He has always loved to take things apart and try to make something else with the parts. He loves to weld and work with his hands, even if he gets a few cuts or burns in the process. He loves to play video games with his friends and other people he knows over the internet, or even across the world. He even loves to read whenever he gets the chance. And yet he has a hidden side of his life that he cannot always seem to find. Max has an incredible ability to write, whether its essays, short stories, or even poetry.

Evan Board

Evan Board reaches deep, pulls out words, and forms sentences. When he is not writing voraciously in his personal journal he can often be found pacing, reciting Woody Allen in his bathroom mirror, or gently strumming his guitar to the rhythm of the universe.

Anya Kopischke

Anya Kopischke was born a melancholic. Much of her poetry, which is often used as lyrics in her musical compositions, stems from an idealistic sense of righteousness she developed at a young age and has quite a flair for the dramatic. Now a senior in High School, Anya hopes to pursue theatre in her higher education with possible minors in music, playwriting, photography, directing, film, or all of the above. In her free time, Anya enjoys pondering the mysteries of the universe and having a good laugh with some friends.

Alicia Mickelson

Alicia Mickelson lives in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, and is a senior at Gibraltar High School. She has enjoyed writing poetry since her first memorable experiences with it in fourth grade. She writes about anything that sparks her imagination, though mostly about her life experiences. When not writing poetry, she enjoys reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, drawing, wasting time on the internet, and spending time with her friends and wonderful mother.

Caitlin Weber

Caitlin Weber is a senior at Gibraltar. She loves spending her time running, taking pictures, listening to music, learning and writing poetry. The people, experiences, and nature in Door County inspire her poetry.

Following the featured readers, there will be an open mic session, during which all poets, seasoned and novice, are encouraged to read. Young readers are always welcome and are especially invited to participate in this February reading.

The reading is at 7 p.m., Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County at 10341 Water Street (State Hwy. 42) on the north side of Ephraim. Please join in for a lively evening!