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Exploring Science and Religion: Register Now!!

Rev. Prinster
Rev. Prinster

Our Professional Leadership Task Force has lined up several speakers to present an opportunity to explore topics in an extended format. The first of these events will be a workshop and potluck dinner June 1 from 4 to 8 pm with Rev. Scott Prinster titled “Is Religion Welcome in a Scientific World?”  Rev. Prinster is particularly well suited to this topic as a physicist, UU minister and doctoral student in the History of Science department at U.W.-Madison. His current interest is in the interaction of religion and science in the United States until 1930. He has been a UU minister for 12 years and has served congregations in Michigan, Madison and Transylvania. The interplay of reason and liberal religion has been an important part of his formation as a scholar and a seeker. In his spare time, he enjoys the natural beauty of Wisconsin and plays old-time and country music on his fiddle. Scott’s Homepage is Occam’s Trowel.

During the session, we will look at UU history and its intersection with the scientific world. Scott added, “Among our religious forebears we can count a number of scientists and, moreover, the views and values of science have informed Unitarian Universalist thought for ages. Why is it that scientific thought has found such a cordial welcome in Unitarian Universalism, and what compromises have we made to enjoy this harmony of science and spirituality?”

Rev. Prinster will continue the theme of this session in his morning message June 2 entitled “What Story Shall We Tell? A Dialogue Between Science and Religion”.

Watch for a sign-up sheet in the lobby for the June 1 workshop and the potluck meal or contact the office at (920) 854-7559 / to let us know you are attending.