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9/1/2013 Podcast – Minister Caliph Muab-el

Minister Caliph Muab-el
Minister Caliph Muab-el


I died and buried my angry and violent Self.  It took a while for the resurrection of Caliph Muab-el but I am here.  Who am I?  Where am I?  What is my passion?

After being sent to a prison for adults at age 15 and spending 10 of 15 years in solitary confinement at a super maximum facility, Minister Caliph Muab-el emerged like a butterfly as minister and scholar of the Word, a student of many religions. He works with the Special Investigations Unit of the Madison Police Department and Communities Against Violence. He mentors Madison’s ten most dangerous ex-offenders, affirming their worth as human beings, helping them integrate, not recidivate; helping them get jobs, housing, human kindness and education. He is a courtroom advocate for young men and women.  He is Vice President of MOSES, Executive Coordinator of Voices Beyond Bars and Co-Founder of Breaking Barriers Mentoring. He is a motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and fierce advocate for youth, prisoners and ex-offenders, a fighter for justice and peace.

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