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9/29/2013 Podcast – Sharon Whitehill

Dr. Sharon Whitehill


For generations, human beings have pondered, prayed to, and personified stars. If those stars could speak in return, what wisdom might they have for us in return? I suggest that their message might well be welcome to those on both sides of science/spirit divide.

Dr. Sharon Whitehill was an English professor in Michigan for over 30 years. Since retirement, however, her love of teaching has taken the form of liberal sermons, lectures, and adult-education classes in literature, film, and mythology. Recently she has been active in a UU-sponsored series, “Building the World We Dream About,” on white privilege and racial justice. She also co-facilitates a life-changing spiritual-awareness program called “Awaken to Ego, Discover Your Spirit” with her husband, Jim Meloy.

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