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Climate Science Demonstrations at CCC Meeting

The Climate Change Coalition meeting on Wednesday, November 6, 7 pm at the UU Fellowship in north Ephraim will provide an opportunity to visualize the science of climate change. The guest speaker, chemistry professor Frank Shaw, will introduce the American Chemical Society (ACS) Climate Science Toolkit and focus on some basic evidence that climate change is a reality supported by hard data from physics, chemistry, biology and geology.  The talk will be illustrated with five colorful demonstrations of the underlying physical and chemical properties of three greenhouse gasses.

The ACS Climate Science Toolkit is currently being used in teacher training workshops to demonstrate the detailed factual information that support all aspects of climate science. We are hopeful that someday soon a workshop will be conducted for Door County teachers.

Frank Shaw is a professor emeritus of chemistry at both UW-Milwaukee and Illinois State University and the chairman-elect of the Illinois Heartland Section of the ACS.  Shaw received his B.S. from the University of Delaware and his Ph.D. at Northwestern.   He has taught and conducted research on metal-based-drugs at UW-Milwaukee for 25 years and subsequently at Eastern Kentucky University and Illinois State University.  He was active in the Sierra Club and chaired its Bi-National Great Lakes Subcommittee for several years in the 1980s and in the Milwaukee North Harbor Network during his years in Milwaukee.  He was a founder of the Riverside Nature Center, on Milwaukee’s East Side, which later was renamed the Urban Ecology Center. He has been a Jacksonport summer resident since 1992.