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Beyond Comfort: The Fine Art of Quilting

By Jane Delcarson

The Trillium Quilt Guild of Sister Bay will exhibit works by its members at the Unitarian Universalist Gallery from January 12 to February 25, 2014. In a statement made by Kaye Wagner, Trillium Exhibit Chairman,  “Although we think of quilts as a means of staying warm during these cold winter months, the Beyond Comfort exhibition features approximately 15 quilts that ‘warm’ the imagination and provide aesthetic comfort more than physical comfort. Trillium Guild members have submitted quilts that also challenged them to move outside their comfort zone either in the small scale of the quilt, its design, fabric choices, or in techniques used.”

My Little Cottage by Laurie Moegenburg
My Little Cottage by Laurie Moegenburg

The quilts exhibited vary greatly in style, in technique and in combinations of techniques. Of particular interest is a quilt entitled Take a Bow by Ephraim’s Fran Burton which depicts five ladies as if on stage ready to bow to an audience. You see them only from the back in their highly embellished hats and dresses.

Another quilt, entitled My Little House in the Woods, by Sister Bay’s Laurie Moegenburg is a whimsical portrait of a fairy-tale home.  It combines fused fabric with hand embroidery and decorative quilting, and captures a fall scene with leaves practically flying off the fabric. These are but a small sampling of the quilted artworks you will see as part of the exhibition.

Over the past 15 years, quilts by the Trillium Guild members have been exhibited at The Hardy Gallery, The Link Gallery, the Corner of the Past Museum and at The Meadows of Scandia Village.

The UU Gallery is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-3:00 pm and on Sundays from 11 am-12:30 pm.