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3/23/2014 Podcast – Rev. Dottie Mathews

Rev. Dottie Mathews
Rev. Dottie Mathews


We reside in a troubled world where we have multiplied exponentially the avenues for the world’s troubling news to reach us. Each day we hear about the suffering of others – near and far – and each day we experience severe challenges in our own lives. All this can make it very difficult to experience a sense of trust in our own resilience and a belief in what tomorrow might bring. Rev. Dottie Mathews will share some thoughts on what our Unitarian Universalist faith says in light of all this undeniable suffering and all the unknown tomorrows.

Rev. Dottie Mathews serves as the Organizational Chaplain for Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin where she leads a team of five people providing holistic care and support for the 1400+ team members who work for Goodwill across 35 Wisconsin counties. Prior to taking this position, Dottie served as the Associate Minister with the Fox Valley UU Fellowship (from 2006 – 2011). She resides in Appleton with her wife, Rosann Geiser and is a longtime friend of the UU Fellowship of Door County.

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