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Exploring the Environmental Links to Cancer

Living DownstreamBased on ecologist and cancer survivor Dr. Sandra Steingraber’s acclaimed book of the same title, Living Downstream will be shown at the UU Fellowship on Monday, April 7 at 4:30 pm. This special showing is part of our celebration of Earth Day as well as an effort to build audience for Steingraber’s appearance in Door County this spring.

Living Downstream, a documentary film that follows Steingraber as she travels across North America working to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links, is a powerful reminder of the intimate connection between the health of our bodies and the health of our air, land, and water.

Heralded as “the new Rachel Carson” for her ability to translate current scientific research for the general public, Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in biology and a master’s degree in creative writing.

Steingraber spent Earth Day 2013 in jail. She was arrested for illegally blocking the driveway of a natural gas company while protesting against fracking. The day before she went to jail, Steingraber was interviewed on Moyer and Company ( and explained that, with government captured by the very industries it’s supposed to regulate, the time for direct action is now. While in jail she wrote eloquently about the experience ( Read this and you cannot help but wonder if what you are doing for the environment is enough.

On Saturday, May 10, Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin and its Kewaunee CARES committee will host Health Forum: Environmental Links to Cancer and Human Health featuring Sandra Steingraber. In addition to speaking about her findings on a national level, she will also share with the audience her review of Wisconsin’s cancer registry and what those findings mean to citizens of northeast Wisconsin. Tickets for this event will be available at our screening on April 7.