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9/28/2014 Podcast – Dr. Sharon Whitehill

Sharon Whitehill
Sharon Whitehill


The need to be right about something is a powerful impulse. But is there ever just one right answer to any of life’s big questions? If what we call facts can be disputed–as they have been and can be–what about ethical, moral, and spiritual values? We liberals are far from immune to the notion that our own answers to questions like these are more correct than the answers of others.

Dr. Sharon Whitehill is a retired professor of English from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Now living in Florida, she continues teaching lifelong learners–that is, adults. She and her husband also co-facilitate an experiential program called “Happiness is an Inside Job,” a practical, how-to approach to implementing the ideas of Eckhard Tolle in daily life. During the past three summers, when all the snowbirds go home, she has written three book-length memoirs—and although they’re not published yet, she can now label herself a serial memoirist.Dr. Sharon’s final avocation, obvious to us this morning, is writing and delivering sermons at UU churches whenever she travels.

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