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November Dickinson Poetry Series is a Family Affair

Stuart Brink
Stuart Brink

By Chuck Lauter

Earlier this year Loraine and Don Brink published a memoir entitled “Lives Long Lived.” The book contains poetry by Loraine and stories by Don. On Wednesday, November 12 at 7 pm, the Brink family will be featured readers at the Dickinson Poetry Series. The reading will present her poetry and his prose. Don’s eyesight makes him unable to read, so his portions will be read by their son Stuart, a performer in his own right.

Don grew up in Oshkosh, majored in music at UWO and UW Madison, always creative he is now painting butterflies and fish to earn money for art supplies at the Meadows. His previous artistic work included chip carving and photography, but now his poor eyesight has changed the focus.

Stuart Brink was child number six of seven.  Growing up he was surrounded by art and music; he gravitated to the performing arts, music and theatre. Today he can be found playing guitar, singing, and performing with his rock and roll band.

Loraine describes herself as, “A poet trying to get serious about portraying life. I try to see the foibles and humor in my fellow man, be they friends or relatives who provide me with a little mirth. I have tried to write about birch trees, nature, and sea gulls, but that comes out as drivel, so now any topic is fair game.” (Ed. Note: She writes some very adventurous poems, like the one about visiting a strip bar with Don when they were on a trip. And she reads it with such grandmotherly innocence.) Brink was drawn to poetry after meeting Sister Bay poet Barbara Larsen. She took courses at The Clearing, attended poetry retreats at St. Joseph’s, and put on the cloak of a poet. Her work has been published in THE PULSE, WISCONSIN POET’S CALENDAR, FREE VERSE, AND VERSE WISCONSIN. She belongs to the Wallace and Unabridged poetry groups, and has placed second in the WFOP Triad Contest.