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February 22 – Mark Marnocha

Mark Marnocha
Mark Marnocha
Back Roads to Heaven

Getting to heaven…. As with all the places we seek, there seems a drive to find an ever simpler road to a well-publicized destination, with more billboards and road signs than ever.  However, anything we know of an afterlife comes through the eyes, ears, touch, and connections with this world and its ever-present mysteries. So, what visions shall we find along the back roads to that better place? Perhaps Wall Drug signs, tall trees, poets and musicians among the many tour guides, Burma-Shave, flowing springs.  What shall we learn during the journey?  Come and reflect on these bits of paradise already available to us, through poetry, music, and stories.

Mark Marnocha is a long-time Unitarian Universalist and a clinical psychologist who has spent 30+ years in health-care settings, primarily teaching and practicing with family physicians. He currently is an Associate Professor (CHS) in the UW Department of Family Medicine and also works at the Bradley VA clinic in Appleton. Marnocha is engaged with spiritual aspects in health-care and earth-based spiritual traditions as well as interested in medical humanities, mind-body topics, PTSD, and empirical research (co-authored with his spouse Suzanne).

Music: TBA
Service Leader: Susan Leeder