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February 8 – The Rev. Cynthia Barnes Johnson

Rev. Cynthia Johnson
Rev. Cynthia Johnson
“Comes the day when life stops”

Our Fellowship has taken on an ambitious and important goal: to be with one another in our aging and dying to the best of our institutional ability. This vision of community is an extraordinary commitment we make to one another. It is also true that each of us has to make peace with the fact that someday our one precious life will end. “Yikes, does that really mean ME?” A reflection on that lifelong conversation with yourself…

Cynthia Johnson, a retired Unitarian Universalist minister who served UU congregations in Texas and Oklahoma, joined UUFDC in 2000 when she and Al moved to Door County. Cynthia is active as an artist and a poet. She enjoys family and friends, nature, travel, and reading and writing.

Music: Lolly Lebovic and the UUFDC Choir – Cynthia Stiehl, conductor and Donna Russell, accompanist
Service Leader: Marilyn Hansotia