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February Festival of Theatre at UUFDC

Do not miss these three opportunities to see theatrical performances at the UUFDC in February. No treacherous drive all the way to Sturgeon Bay is required and you’ll be home before dark. Rogue Theater presents plays on both Saturday, February 7 (Policy) and Sunday, February 15 (Murder by the Book). Bill and Renee Bauernfeind present their production (No Exit) on Saturday, February 21.

Saturday, February 7, 4 pm: Policy, written by Anthony Munos De Mesa and translated by Phyllis Zatlin, is directed by Henry Timm. Father Damian (Stuart Champeau) who is in charge of the Catholic school and Esther (Lola DeVillers) the insurance agent, who for some dozen years handled policies for the diocese meet on several occasions. Father Damian reviews the school’s insurance policy with Esther, whose son attends the school. In their episodic cat-and-mouse game, the priest wants to add two new clauses to the policy; confidentiality and a definition of sexual abuse of minors as a work place accident. Admission $15, with a portion of proceeds will be given to UUFDC.

Sunday, February 15, 2 pm: Murder by the Book written by Craig Sodaro and presented as a staged reading. The Raven Society, a group of mystery writers, gathers for its annual awards ceremony. But one thing is different about this society — the writers attend the ceremony on an island disguised as famous authors. Thus, Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Louisa Mae Alcott, Mark Twain, and others find themselves in the same room. When Emily Dickinson suddenly dies, it becomes clear that one of the world-famous authors is a killer and the question is who will be the next victim? A suggested $5 donation is appreciated.

Saturday, February 21, 2 pm: No Exit is drama that follows three very different people who are destined to be in hell with each other for eternity, with no possible breaks from each other’s presence. It was written by renowned existentialist writer and philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre in 1943. The play follows the interactions, collisions, and attempted alliances among the three as they attempt to settle in to their new “existences.” Try to imagine two people with whom you could spend eternity . . . Cast members include Marcel Bruyere, Carrie Counihan, Pamela Johnson, and Renee Kujawski. No Exit is directed by Bill Bauernfeind. There is no admission cost.