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3/15/2015 Podcast – Brian and Leila Pertl

Brian & Leila Pertl
Brian & Leila Pertl

Deep Listening as Spiritual Practice

We are surrounded by sounds every day from our morning alarm clock to the drone of late night TV. At times it may seem sound permeates nearly every aspect of our busy days. Our ears are always “on.” We have no ear-lids after all, so whatever noise occurs around us, we hear it. So how on earth can the everyday act of hearing become a spiritual practice? In this interactive conversation,   Brian and Leila Pertl will explore ways to re-conceptualize one’s perception of sound, music, and even noise through Deep Listening (a holistic approach to the art of listening, movement, perception created by composer Pauline Oliveros). We invite you to join us for this introspective sonic journey.

Leila Pertl is a groundbreaking music educator who has designed an elementary school music program where every child has music every day. There are no musicians and non-musicians. Every child’s inner musician is nurtured and celebrated.

Brian Pertl is the Dean of the Lawrence Conservatory of Music and is passionate about changing the way we teach music and the arts in our schools. Together Leila and Brian give workshops of creativity to corporate leaders, educators, and community groups.

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