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April 12 – Rev. Dr. Bobbie Groth

Bobbie Groth
Bobbie Groth

Flunking Sainthood: Discipline, Deep Spirituality, and UU Demons

Through the ages religions have proposed regimens of self-discipline for adherents, often elevating those who manage to dedicate their lives to such things. Does self-discipline enter into our spirituality at all? How, why, in what forms, and for what purposes does it have meaning for us? Can we aspire to sainthood?

Rev. Dr. Bobbie Groth is a UU Community minister who has served victims of violence, interfaith relations, and other issues in the Milwaukee area for over 20 years. She plays fiddle in a traditional Celtic music band, The Garlic Mustard Pickers, which donates all proceeds to worthy community causes. The Garlic Mustard Pickers were cultural delegates to Japan in November 2014, touring and performing in Chiba Prefecture as part of the Milwaukee-Chiba Sister City program.

Music: Beth Coleman
Service Leader: Susan Leeder