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4/5/2015 Podcast – James Bierly

UUFDCHow to Make a Resurrection: Easy, Medium, and Hard

When a person with a great mind, heart, or message passes away, we find the fact of their death hard to process. This is particularly the case if their end was unexpected, violent, or at the hands of the enemies of justice. In a year which has seen deep and disturbing manifestations of death and injustice in our country and abroad, we need to know that the prophetic voices have not been silenced. This is the message of resurrection, the Easter hope. But resurrections are not all made equal. Some are easier than others. Come on in on Sunday morning to learn how to do the miraculous and make easy, medium, and hard resurrections a reality in your life.

James Bierly moved to Rockford, Illinois from Baltimore, Maryland this past summer, in order to attend Meadville Lombard Theological School and serve as an intern at the Rockford Unitarian Universalist Church. Before coming here, he was a worship associate at Channing Memorial Church in Ellicott City, Maryland, where he kindled a deep appreciation for the beauty and power of liberal religion and discerned a call to ministry. He’s married to Aaryn Bierly, a tremendous teacher and baker, with whom he is raising two cats.

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