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5/10/2015 Podcast – Rev. Carol Hackbardt

Carol Hackbardt
Carol Hackbardt

Random Acts of Kindness for Mother Earth and All Our Relations

On Mother’s Day, let us consider the actions that cultivate abundant life for Mother Earth and all our relations. What are the paths that energetically transform our relationships in ways that build understanding and life-giving community among earth’s diverse living beings?

Carol Hackbardt grew up in an inter-denominational Community Church in California. She served as ordained minister in the United Methodist Church in Wisconsin for 32 years, serving Calvary and Zion United Methodist in Door County 2004 to 2011 before retiring.   Carol is now a Wellness Consultant and is certified to teach Kundalini Yoga. She has a passion for building bridges of understanding, experiencing the beauty of multicultural diversity, and healthy, compassionate, fun, environmentally conscious living.

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