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Photographer Dan Eggert Exhibits in UU Gallery

The UU Gallery is excited to feature photographs by Dan Eggert for the month of June.

Dividing his time between Door County, Wisconsin and the wonderland of Lake Tahoe, California, freelance photographer Dan Eggert is in constant movement—always exploring, traveling, and striving to capture life’s unexpected moments.

Photography has been part of Dan’s life since a very young age; his father was an amateur photographer who encouraged him to use a camera. Eventually, Dan bought his own camera to capture the beauty of the world that surrounds us in nature.

Eggert is the former Photo Editor of the Peninsula Pulse newspaper and Door County Living magazine, and in addition to taking photographs, he’s also an avid snowboarder, skateboarder, mountain biker, and accomplished bass player who has been known to sit in with various Door County musicians and bands when the mood strikes. His favorite subjects are landscapes, musicians and artists, which goes to show that life does indeed imitate art.

Geese by Dan Eggert