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Christy Kelly-Bentgen: An Eclectic Mix

Having spent most of her career as an art teacher, Christy Kelly-Bentgen has experimented with a wide variety of media and techniques. Beginning with a BFA in painting, she later moved into ceramics, weaving and collage. Now she describes herself as a mixed-media artist using “whatever it takes” to translate ideas into objects.

Recent work including collage, acrylic painting, encaustic, and oil pastels will be on display at the UU Gallery for the month of September. This exhibit represents a kind of “homecoming” for Kelly-Bentgen. She and her family lived in Door County for three years, and then moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan twelve years ago. Christy has become an active member of the arts community there, and enjoys her new role as Docent at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. However, Door County, with its natural beauty and nurturing arts environment, has continued to beckon. Happily, Christy and husband Barney found a “home away” in Egg Harbor and are thoroughly enjoying commuting between Michigan and Wisconsin!

You Say Tomato

Christy describes her art making as an intuitive process, one mark leading to the next, as images evolve and ideas gradually reveal themselves. She is pleased to share her recent work with friends here in Door County!

An opening reception with the artist will be held on Sunday, September 6 from 12:30 – 2:00 pm.