How Will We Respond?

Event details

  • September 29, 2015
  • All Day
  • 10341 Water Street Highway 42 Ephraim, WI 54211

UU Association (UUA) President Rev. Peter Morales and UU Service Committee (UUSC) President and CEO Bill Schulz have issued this joint statement in response to the Papal Encyclical on Climate Change:

“The crisis of climate change is the gravest threat facing our world today, and as people of faith and conscience we are called to respond to the moral imperative to advance climate justice. The UUA and the UUSC therefore applaud Pope Francis for focusing the world’s attention on the threat of climate change by issuing ….a papal letter addressed not just to Catholics but to ‘every person living on this planet.’ We are especially gratified by the Pope’s emphasis on the effects this crisis is having on the world’s lowest-income and most marginalized communities. ‘A true ecological approach, ‘writes Pope Francis, ‘must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.’ We hear those cries.”

And we here at UUFDC hear those cries!

Morales and Schulz continue by stating,

“And we encourage our Unitarian Universalist faith community to reach out to other faith communities to explore ways to work together to address the crisis of climate change….The time for action is now.”

Thanks to the awe inspiring leadership of Mary and Dick Smythe and many other UUFDC Members/Friends, we are responding to this call to action. The Climate Change Coalition is hosting a Door County presentation and discussion on the Papal Encyclical to be held at Stella Maris Church, Fish Creek on Tuesday, September 29. Mark this date on your calendar and watch for more details.

In a recent article, Michael Brune, Director of the Sierra Club, made a profound statement: “Fundamentally, the Sierra Club’s values are rooted in principles of justice, fairness and equality. To apply those values selectively would be to negate them. Both nature and people deserve justice and full protection under the law. To enlist humanity to our cause, we need to care what happens to our fellow humans.”

It seems many leaders in our world are connecting the environment and human cries for help. We can respond by helping family, friends, neighbors, fellow naturalists, and the wider community realize these connections. Let us begin on September 29 in Fish Creek.